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Our Services

Migration and documentation

We create custom solutions compatible with your existing platforms, saving you from countless hours of manually converting, programming, and exporting data. We document it in desired format to help in future training, iterations and making solutions more flexible.


We are consultants who are excited about how intelligent applications could transform businesses by delivering real-time information and simple scalability. We collaborate with you tohelp you take control of your own business, making it highly integrated, efficient and streamlined.

Building Applications and maintenance

We specialize in creating easy to use applications with multilingual support. They aid in converting business data into business information and hence improve productivity and efficiency. We also update, enhance and maintain database to eliminate redundancy or inefficiency.

Powered by MS access

We proudly state that we are MS access geeks, who use this magical tool to create even more spectacular solutions and every moment we work on it, we are completely amazed by its infinite possibilities and our own competency.



Efficient customization

Workflows, procedures and features are customized to fit your needs, values and your way of doing business.

Easy to use

Our solutions flow in smoothly without training, furthermore enhancing your day to day operations.

Take control

You actively participate in the direction and functionality of our collaborative service to adding intelligence to your data and processes.